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According to the fire protection association, 77% of businesses experiencing a major fire never fully recover

Case Study

The Importance of Fire Doors - £30 Door Closer Unit vrs the lives of 60 children!


A Fire Risk Assessment carried out by Fire Compliance & Safety Ltd advised that a self-closing device be fitted to an existing fire door. The door was situated in a corridor which formed the only escape route from a nursery housing 60 children and was constantly left open by staff. 40 adults also occupy other areas of the building


The client was very hesitant to make any changes, however he was convinced by the FCS Assessor undertaking the Fire Risk Assessment of the importance of this route in the event of a fire and installed the correct closing device.


Three months later a six month old condenser tumble dryer went on fire inside the laundry room, with the fire door firmly shut by the new closing device. As you can see the damage to the laundry room was considerable, but the corridor outside the room was unaffected and protected, keeping it smoke free and safe to evacuate all users of the building. The Fire Risk Assessment carried out by Fire Compliance & Safety could well have saved the lives of many members of the public.

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Prohibition Notice Reversal By Fire Risk Assessment


A Publican had a Prohibition Notice served on his premises due to two recent fires during Christmas 2008. With no action this order would have gone to court and most likely cost the Publican a very large fine and possibly closed his business.

In 2007 a company was brought in to install a Fire Alarm System and they also carried out a Fire Safety Audit which was very basic.

The Publican decided he would carry out his own assessment in 2008 and did this by scoring out the information on the 2007 Audit form and writing his own answers.

The Fire Brigade carried out an inspection following the fire and found the premises to be non-compliant in many areas. The Fire Risk Assessment was not suitable or sufficient, Staff Fire Awareness Training had not been completed and Fire Safety Management checks were not being carried out.


Fire Compliance & Safety carried out a Fire Risk Assessment of the premises. The Publican was unhappy as the assessor had picked up even more non-compliances than the initial fire brigade inspection. These non-compliances were explained in depth but the Publican still decided to show the local fire brigade the Fire Risk Assessment, not only for his peace of mind, but to see if there were unnecessary non-compliances in the report.

This in fact was not the case and on a further inspection of the premises the Fire Brigade agreed with all the action plan points raised in the Fire Risk Assessment report.


The Fire Brigade Inspecting Officer was satisfied that sufficient action was being taken and as long as the Publican complied with the Fire Risk Assessment there would be no further need to visit the property again and the Prohibition Notice was lifted.

School Saves £29,500


Following a previous Fire Risk Assessment it was indentified an electronic door closing system should be fitted to all double doors throughout the school premises. To carry out these remedial works would have cost the school £29,500.

Due to this recommendation the school requested a second opinion from Fire Compliance and Safety.


A new Fire Risk Assessment was carried out by Fire Compliance and Safety.


The requirement for an electronic door closing system throughout the school premises when all the deciding factors were taken into account was deemed unnecessary as all doors were in perfect working order and fulfilling the purpose they were designed for. The benefits of the system verses the cost of installation was deemed disproportionate to the risk.

We pride ourselves in recommending the most cost effective route to achieving minimum legal compliance.

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