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According to the fire protection association, 77% of businesses experiencing a major fire never fully recover

Cost Saving Examples

Commercial Insurance Discounts

Fire Compliance & Safety NI Ltd, has announced a strategic endorsement and financial discount arrangement with a leading local insurance broker. The endorsement was awarded in recognition of the quality of the FCS risk assessment product and service, which has resulted in the insurance brokerage agreeing to offer FCS customers a minimum 10% premium reduction on commercial insurance. This cost saving completely offsets the cost of the Fire Risk Assessment in many cases.

The Association of British Insurers quotes that it is important that a tick box approach to the risk assessment is rejected and proper consideration to the risk factors and there inter relationships. This is where The Fire Compliance & Safety Risk Assessment excels as the system manages the risk in real time and is a pro active system which reminds you of exactly what you are required to do and at what time intervals, hence is why insurers discount premiums because of it.

Bangor Accountancy Practice

A new Fire Detection and Alarm System was required to be installed in a 3 storey building and our client had already obtained 'design and install' quotations, from two contractors. The prices were 4150.00 and 3475.00 respectively, with differing specifications.

Having found our site on the internet, the client discussed the situation with us and on their instruction we carried out a Fire Risk Assessment and requested if we could give a minimum requirement specification. The specification met all requirements of the Fire Precautions Workplace Regulations (NI) 2001 and British Standard 5839.Part 1.

We then requested another quotation from an associated local contractor. This contract was awarded and completed efficiently, on time and was approved and certified at a total cost of 1,550.00.

In all cases, whether the project is large or small, our fees were proven to be extremely worthwhile in direct relation to the moneys saved on associated services and also in relation to saving the client money on their commercial insurance premiums, due to our insurance approved system.

Saving for Client : 1,375.00

Cookstown Sheltered Accommodation

This client had converted an old 17th century period property to its present use of sheltered accommodation. The client had some reservations about getting the fire risk assessment completed as he was concerned some of the findings may require changes to the character of the building due to the change of use of the premises.

We reassured the client and explained that we not only look for the most cost effective solution for the client, but we also look at compensatory features to maintain the character of period premises.

Examples in this case would include

Period doors maintained with a coating of a fire retardant varnish rather than replacement with FD30 fire doors saving the client 1200.
Current alarm system was extended rather than replacement saving the client 1750.

Saving for Client : 2,400.00

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