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According to the fire protection association, 77% of businesses experiencing a major fire never fully recover

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment evaluates your premises in terms of fire safety. A qualified Fire Compliance & Safety assessor will visit your premises, make a detailed physical inspection and provide you with an easy to understand report. This report will include a prioritised action plan on how to minimise the risk of fire to your business.

Why do you need a Fire Risk Assessment?

  • To ensure the Safety of Employees
  • Compliance with the current & forthcoming Legislation
  • Protection from Fines - Fire Brigade are the Enforcing Authority and can issue up to 5K per offence
  • Following a Fire Incident this will be part of your Proof of Duty of Care
  • Evidential defence in case of HSE post fire incident investigation
  • To Satisfy your insurance requirements

Our Unique Specialised Fire Risk Management System Includes:

  • Initial Fire Risk Assessment of premises
  • Review and Advice on current Fire Safety Systems & Procedures
  • Follow up visit to Review Action Plan
  • Demo of On Line System & Logbook
  • Subscription to Email Alert System
  • Assistance with Project Management
  • 12 Months Consultancy & Advice

Why go with our system ?

  • Our Fire Risk Assessment System is Fully Insurance Approved
  • All Assessments are carried out by Fully Qualified & Approved Assessors.
  • By having the Fire Risk Assessment carried out professionally you will not only save time but also save money as we pride ourselves in getting the client to minimum legal compliance level in the most cost effective route.
  • The System is also available fully online giving "live" risk assessments showing the risk status for each building in real time.
  • A Clear action plan for the business owner is produced, written without jargon, prioritised to manage the risk effectively within the business.
  • The system is Proactive and will email you reminding of what actions are due to be completed, making managing Fire Safety Easy.
  • It is ideal management tool for clients with multi site premises, as numerous sites can be monitored and managed for one central location.

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